Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost the New Year!

I have been relaxing, watching Ustream classes and working on a project since Christmas. It's nice to have things back to some semblance of normal — whatever normal is. I'm working on a calendar box. When that's done I have some unfinished projects to try to finish. I also have an urge to get organized. Does everyone get that urge when a new year begins? One thing I have on my "To Do" list is get some pictures into my nekked minis. It's such a pain in the patooty. Most of my pictures are on various CD's, and maybe even on an old hard drive that's not hooked up. Just hunting them all down is a pain, never mind getting them organized and printed. But I shall persevere. ;)

I am so looking forward to the New Year's Eve bash on the Following the Paper Trail Ustream! Man! There are 1255 people scheduled to attend so far. If all those people actually attend it will probably crash Ustream! There are enough problems with Ustream during normal times.

Happy New Years! to anyone who accidentally happens to stumble in here. :D

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  1. Hey Diane! Look who stumbled in here! Maybe we should have an organzing party. I almost feel that urge too (I said almost). Lord knows I need to do something with this room. Nekked minis? At least you have minis...all I have are Been working on it this evening although I can't say I've made much progress. Oh well. See you tomorrow! Be there early to get a good "seat"! Hugs, Alice