Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mariposa Mini for Mom

This is a mini I made for my mom for Christmas. I worked on it on and off for some time. It would get set aside while I worked on something else. Then it came down to the wire and I had to get if finished. It got way fatter than I anticipated after I put the roses on the pocket tabs. And it was pretty lopsided with all the dimension being at the top. So I added roses to the bottom of the pages as well, alternating the position on the page thinking it would level it out some. Well, it just got fatter. Now it was too thick for all the pages and a binding to fit in my largest (1 1/4" o-wires). I had already punched the holes so I had to go with this binding method. So I removed one page and used Kathy Orta's (of Paper Phenomenon) cover method. This way I didn't have to fit the chipboard cover into the o-wires as well as the pages. I covered it in fabric so I wouldn't have to worry about the paper cracking. It was also easier and didn't have to be pieced together as paper would have.

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