Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flower Practice

These first two flowers are my failed attempt at making the roses that Laura showed on her Ustream class last Friday. I think part of the failure is due to the fabric choice. These were just two swatches of quilting fabric that I happened to have on hand. Another print or Batik would have been much prettier. The other reason I don't like them is the shape...they just don't look right. Hopefully with practice I will get better. The bottom rose is my experiment with a wider wired ribbon.


  1. Oh,no. I think they are lovely and not failures. Where as My failures didn't even look like flowers! LOL I'll try again, when I recover from the disappointment of my first attempts.

  2. I think yours are great! I will post my failed along with my good one once I have one of those LOL :O)

  3. LOL I'm sure yours looks good Cindy and Glynis. It helps the not-so-great flower look a little better to put a little bling with it. ;)

  4. I think they are beautiful!!!!