Friday, January 28, 2011

Alcahol Ink Storage

This is an Idea I got from Wende at Passionately Paper. I live in a studio apartment, therefore all of my scrapbooking and crafting is done at the end of my kitchen counter/bar area. I have to do some improvising on storage space, so as you see in this picture my Glimmer Mist, Alcohol ink, and Stickles are stored on the back of my stove. (This works for now because I dont have all that many.) The pots and pans (that I rarely use) live in the dishwasher (never use) so that I can use the cupboard where they were meant to be stored for some crafting supplies. I try to keep my obsession out of my living area. :) I don't want to live in my scrap room.

These are PVC pipe sections. I intended to buy a length of 3/4" PVC pipe and cut it to size myself. I was thrilled to discover that Lowe's sell's these 1 1/2" pieces in bags of 10 for a little over $2 each. I never could have cut them evenly myself. The bottles don't sit all the way down in these pieces because there is a ridge inside halfway down. That's ok with me. It works.



    LOL, Diane, I think it was me!!! Great storage for the inks. See you in Pitaville.

  2. Thanks Wende. I posted the link so people can see your more extensive storage. :)