Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Queen for a Year - Monthly Scrap Journal

See the video of the whole thing on YouTube
by clicking here: Queen for a Year Journal

This is my final scrap journal to hold journaling and mementos of the things I do each month—a few pictures, souvenirs, notes, etc. It's my second attempt. You may have seen some pages of my first one that I posted earlier in January. I had two problems with that one: (1) I discovered too late that I should have done a month on each side of the page. Since I didn't, I didn't want to have to make eight more pages like those, and (2) I remembered that I had been wanting to use the Teresa Collins pink and black paper (with the crowns of course!) for this project. So.....this is what I now have.

This is a modified version of Laura Denison's Tall Envelope mini (Following the Paper Instead of making the back side of the envelope like she did I made the same pockets front and back (so each month would be the same). I made mini calenders for the side tags. The top pocket (which is the inside of the envelope) will hold a folded sheet of paper that I've journaled on.

I got the idea to make my journal this way when I happened upon Donna-Marie Designs ( She does some really nice work, and her mini that is similar to this one looks much better. I wanted to keep mine simple . I will make tags as I go if I need them. Thank you Laura and Donna.


  1. Girl, you rocked it with this album! This is sooo cool. I love Teresa Collins and I think I own some of that paper. It looks great and I love the crowns of course. So Great job!

  2. Thanks Alice! This one is so much more me. ;)

  3. Very Nice. What will you do with the other pages? I liked that idea but 12 pages would be rather thick. Hadn't thought about that either. Like this one and the crowns are fitting for you too. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks a bunch Cindy. I'm not sure just yet what I will do with the other ones. Maybe I can take the Month and year off the top and just make a mini out of them.