Monday, June 20, 2011

A Home Depot kind of Father's Day

Laura Denison at Following the Paper Trail came up with this cute mini idea and showed it on her June 17th Ustream show. I think this paint can is just adorable. These minis use one of the gift card holders found at Home Depot. Our store didn't have much of a selection. My first choice would have been the barbeque grill but they didn't have it, so I think I was lucky they had this little paint tin.  I think it's really cute. Tell me what you think. (But keep it a secret. I haven't mailed it to my dad yet.) ;) I was going to actually include a gift card but I'm not sure if he has a Home Depot close to him.  Since the tags are so small I cut the pictures to cover the entire back. They're the same size as a gift card.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Mini Junk Journal

This is a mini version of the a Junk Journal that I made to carry in my purse. I use it to hold my coupons, make lists of the things I "need" and "want" when I go craft shopping. In the "want" section I make a list of the item, who has it, and how much it costs. I also have a list going for things I want to order from Scrapadabadoo. ;) You can't see it well in the video, but the pocket holding the coupon is made from the bottom of the packaging that the covers came in. I left this book pretty flat and plain because it will just get messed up in my purse anyway. I got the tag bookmark idea from Kathryn's Ustream class here Travel Journal.

See it on YouTube here:  

The End

A Walk in the Park

May 5, 2011. Three of my grandchildren and I walked in Chisholm Creek Park. It's a park with nature trails of various distances. We started on the paved paths but Gabby wanted to explore the dirt paths through the trees.

They decided to explore the dirt path.
Danielle stops to get a closer look a Frog.
We suddenly came upon a deer (circled). It's hard to see her
because I only had my phone camera so I couldn't zoom in.
She wasn't as as anxious to see us as we were her. She
was frightened away we when tried to get closer.

The girls find a 'fort' that someone built and left behind.
Danielle exploring the outside.
Gabby climbs out.


Gabby (11), Danielle (14), Garrett (15)
 It was a lot of fun on a beautiful, although a little hot, day. There are still some fun things to do that don't cost anything. ; )