Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Mini Junk Journal

This is a mini version of the a Junk Journal that I made to carry in my purse. I use it to hold my coupons, make lists of the things I "need" and "want" when I go craft shopping. In the "want" section I make a list of the item, who has it, and how much it costs. I also have a list going for things I want to order from Scrapadabadoo. ;) You can't see it well in the video, but the pocket holding the coupon is made from the bottom of the packaging that the covers came in. I left this book pretty flat and plain because it will just get messed up in my purse anyway. I got the tag bookmark idea from Kathryn's Ustream class here Travel Journal.

See it on YouTube here:  

The End


  1. Love this mini version of Kathryn's project! What a great idea to have this purse size organizer :O)
    Glynis aka kiara76

  2. I love it! I'll do one, I like the idea.

    Yes, you're right...I used pop can tabs in my mini



  3. Wow, it looks great!! Love it! Um, where is mine Diane? lol

  4. The pop tabs are a great idea Daisy!

    Maridee, you're so crafty I know you can make a better one yourself. ;)