Thursday, July 5, 2012

Artsy Doodling

This is a really junky journal I made that started out as a practice prototype for another journal I wanted to make. That's why it's really all over the place in materials. The main cover is made from kraft paper with a spine of just a piece of scrap paper in my pile. I decided to add a flap after the brown paper was already cut, so....added another piece of scrap paper. I made three sets of signatures out of plain copy paper, but I couldn't find some twine to tie them in with so I used this red and white striped I-forget-what-you-call-it string. In other words, this is a hodge podge mess, but....might as well put it to use, right? I decided to use it for my practice whatever journal. :)  Originally I had ribbon going through the hole in the flap, wrapping around the book and tied. But it kept falling out and I got tired of tying it all the time so I took it out. I added a couple of holes with eyelets in the back and tied a knot in each end of a rubber band, because that's what I had on hand. If I were making a 'real' book, I'd use either decorative elastic or a hair scrunchy (and would not have a useless hole in the middle of the flap).

The original of this boy was a photo on a pamphlet at the library.

This next page is a failed collage. (Which happens to most of my collages.)  I thought it turned out a hot mess so that's what I titled it. :) (left bottom corner)  Then to top off the disaster I unthinkingly practiced an eye and a mouth on the same page—with the eye over the mouth. That looks pretty freaky so I used mat medium to glue napkins around them. Doesn't really help, but it's colorful. lol

The next drawing is another pic from the library pamphlet. Just practicing people. Much more practice is needed.

The next two pages are just more practice. The left side is obviously practicing a nose. The eyes are wrong but they're not really part of it—just quickly stuck in there.The right side is a picture that was in the Artist Magazine e-newsletter. I enlarged it on my monitor until only this part was showing and then tried my hand at colored pencils—just a quick little thing. If I were doing a 'real' drawing with colored pencil it would have to be worked a lot more. I've never tried colored pencil before. One of these days I'm going to take Dede's class. It didn't help matters that I have a very limited selection of colors. I don't have the red I really need.

Well, that's all I've been up to lately. It's really freeing to have a tossed together journal like this to practice in because I don't care if I mess it up. After all, how much worse could it be? lol


  1. wow Diane your work is amazing, great to see your work.

  2. You gals are so sweet. :) My hope in posting this was to encourage people to just pick up or make a junky practice journal and not be afraid to just practice drawing whatever the mood moves you. Are you going to do it Maridee? ;)