Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today's Collage

Click on picture to enlarge.

I started this background with the excess paint wiped from my paint scraper after playing with the technique Barb Owens showed on a recent Ustream show (making designer paper with glue swirls and scraped paint). I used Lumiere green and purple, with a little Folk Art Metallic Inca Gold thrown in. I adhered napkin pieces with Gold Matte Medium and a piece torn from an old music sheet. Stamped the word "Sweet" and added some lines. Lastly I wet the page with the matte medium and sprinkled Angelina Hot Fix fibers (which I did not "hot fix"). I tamped those fibers down into the medium, laid wax paper on top and gave it a rub. They are laying on top as a dimensional element, but stuck down with the medium.


  1. love it Diane, dabbling with mixed media at present. Started art classes and now finished a watercolour��. Need to try some of this, thanks for sharing.

  2. Margaret, I would love to watercolor. I'm trying to find a class here. Send me a pic. ;)