Monday, September 10, 2012

Gratitude Girl

Mixed Media on canvas board. 
Click on picture to enlarge.
I got this whole concept from the Willow & Friends Ning site. It was a challenge done by Tam. (Hers looks way way better.)  She limited her palette to black, white, gray, and a touch of pink. So I drew my own face, did a similar but not quite the same background, and copped her "gratitude" word. :)  I limited my palette to brown, black, white, and wee bit more than a touch of pink. Canvas board is what I had so that's what I used. I love that the lyrics on that middle bit of music says "What's the odds how much we spend". lol Spending is something most of us know about. Funny the things you notice that could have been done better when you're looking at a picture of it as opposed to the real thing.