Friday, October 5, 2012

♫ It was a teeny weeny little mini...♪ ♫

This little book was made using Barb Owens' technique for the cover. She is Creating_Faces on Ustream. I wanted to try it small before making a larger one. I made it from a large tag, folded. I created one signature that I stitched in. The actual color is more copper, with a little purple. The camera really picked up on the purple.

This half circle is actually a flap that opens. The other side is
covered with a piece of sewing pattern tissue paper.


  1. I love it Diane!! You did a great job photographing it as well. I have a really hard time getting purples to photograph well. You did an amazing job!

    1. Thank you Dana! It's really not quite this purple. It's more copper with 'some' purple. :)

  2. Are there any directions for the cover construction available?

  3. Hi Edith. I got the cover from Barb Owen's Ustream show. She is Creating_Faces on Ustream. I'm sorry I don't remember the date it aired. Barb made a full book-sized book. Mine is made from cutting a tag, but making it a little long so there would be room to wrap around the pages.

    I cut out Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers with my Big Shot from lightweight chipboard (like a cereal box) and glued them on the tag. (Barb glued 2 layers together to make them thicker for the bigger book. On one of her books she used die-cut alphabet letters instead of flowers.) I then used Golden Matte medium to glue down 1 or 2 layers of sewing pattern tissue paper over the whole top, letting it wrinkle. When it was dry, I used my finger to paint splotchy areas with Folk Art metallic gold, metallic copper, metallic green, and Liquitex Basics Dioxazine Purple (love that purple!) This gives it a bit of a metal look. When I was satisfied with the paint I covered the whole cover with Golden matte medium. Hope this helps.