Monday, July 1, 2013

Mini Alphabetica Box

My plan is to use this box for smaller ephemera and items cut from magazines or books. Quick access. I'm decorating each folder with something pertaining to that letter. This is a mini version of Dede (Inkwell)'s Alphabetica box.


  1. love the idea, maybe need to try this myself. Now all I have to do is make a box first to fit them lol

  2. Thanks Margaret Ann. :) You probably don't have a Hobby Lobby, but that's where I bought the box...or was it JoAnn's? I can't remember now, but one of those. It could easily be made out of two pieces of medium weight chipboard glued together though. Or heck, you could use a shoe box, recipe box, or anything really. For the larger version of Dede's Alphabetica box I used a cardboard box that coffee had come in that I picked out of the recycle pile at the school. :) I just liked the colors and picture on it so I didn't even decorate that box.

    I did get those cute little file folders at JoAnn's. They are 7 Gypsies I think.

  3. Diane, I love your solution for keeping smaller bits safe and always accessible! Nice job on decorating the box too! What paper line is that on your cover?

    I saw you a few months ago in a stream (can't remember whose) and greeted you but I'm not sure you knew who I was as I was in there with my Google account name which is imallyv. I looked at your blog recently and saw that you are painting in your journal. Glad to see that!

    I am ping ponging all over the place and can't make up my mind what I want to do....I want to do it all! lol

    Alice Isenbart
    (aliceinmaryland or imallyv)