Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gazing, Gazing, Gazing

This is a two-fer kind of day. :D  As I mentioned before, we moved my parents out of the house they'd lived in for the last 50 years and into a duplex attached to mine. My dad had a gazillion bowling balls. Yep, I swear, a GAZILLION!  So I kept a couple to play with and a few more to share. Dad donated about 17 balls to high school bowlers who don't have balls. This is my first one. It was mostly practice to figure the whole process out. I've been looking for something to set atop my bird feeder that got smashed by hail. I think this will do for now. it is... my first bowling ball art. hahahaha

Now I'm thinking....thinking....thinking....what to put on the next one? Maybe mosaic glass...or pennies....

New Journal Page

It's been awhile. Life has been pretty busy lately...moving my parents from Missouri to Kansas to be closer to me, and all that entails. I haven't had much time for playing. I do have two new projects though. This is one. Not the best ever, but I'm not trying for the best ever...just to have fun creating something. :)  I was inspired by a similar tree I saw on someone's Facebook page. Sorry, I can't remember the name. Nothing else at all about the page is remotely the same, but I liked the tree. My tree is not the same either, but has similar elements. I never know what to put on the page after I get the background done.

Tree of Life, Good Times, and Hope